Polish translation for employers

Poles constitute now significant portion of the British workforce. While employers are frequently impressed with their working ethic, the lust for work is not always matched by lust for acquisition of foreign languages. In result many employers find that Polish translation of main documents greatly facilitates relationship with their Polish employees.
Over the years I have translated vast plethora of work related documents, among others:

  • Contracts of employment
  • Various policies regarding:
    • Equal opportunities
    • Non disclosure
    • Complaints and grievances
  • Instrutions and manuals
  • Documents regarding disciplinary matters
  • Documents regarding various aspects of health and safety
    • Manual handling
    • Tool manuals
    • Fire safety
    • Chemical hazards

In the course of years I learned a lot about needs of employers operating in various industries and became proficient in applying knowledge gained when working on multiple positions to provide not only correct Polish translation but also to ensure that the language of communication is understandable to the audience.

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