Polish translation for housing associations and local authorities

Due to increasing popularity of Polish language in the UK housing associations and local authorities frequently face the need of communicating with Polish people in their own language.
For years I have tranlated such documents, both for housing associations and local authorities. Most often I have opportunity to translate into Polish documents regarding:

  • housing
  • social housing
  • tenancy (including tenancy contracts)
  • benefits
  • repossession
  • correspondence regarding debt recovery
  • various local events
  • local elections
  • involvement of neighbours in the life of local community
  • newsletters
  • public awareness
  • ecology and sustainable living
  • antisocial behaviour
  • changes in law

I am aware that deadlines for translation of such documents are frequently dictated by circumstances beyond control of my clients, for instance due to legal requirements, court hearings or dates of various meetings or conferences. Because of my significant experience in translation of such documents and good organization of the workload most often I am able to meet such strict deadlines.

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