Polish Translation for Legal Sector

Due to my legal education significant percent of my overall workload involves translation of both legal documents and documents ordered by lawyers.
Over the years I have assisted in dozens of cases, quite a few times working on cases from the early exchange of first correspondence, throughout translation of entire bundles until lengthy judgements and documents regarding finalization of the case.
Some of the cases I helped with involved:

  • child abduction under Hague Convention
  • shaken baby
  • paedophilia
  • aggravated burglaries
  • driving under influence
  • These days I tend to concentrate on translation however for many years I have also worked as interpreter assisting lawyers in communication with their clients in their office but also in courts, prisons, mediation centres, police stations and other places. Together with several years of practicing legal aid in a legal clinic in Poland and lengthy internship in Polish court during my law degree these experiences allow me to better understand various clients and help me to use language accessible to them. I always strive to convey not only meaning but more importantly sense.
    While I am not a native speaker of English and certainly my writing skills in my native tongue – Polish are superior, frequently for the purpose of continuity and using one translator who knows the case I translate in both directions, especially when Polish to English translation is required mainly for information purposes.
    Lawyers tend to operate under short deadlines and frequently knowing the rough contents of a particular document today is preferable to getting perfect, polished translation next week. Hence I offer my clients both speedy “for information only” translations as well as gisting of documents.
    If needed I offer also:

    • transcription
    • verification of transcripts
    • fact finding – for instance when PA due to the language barrier has problems with finding required information in Poland
    • fast translation of ongoing communication (text messages, emails, etc.)

    If there is anything else I could help with, please let me know!

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