This exciting plasterboard

Awaiting arrival of my new offspring I am preparing my new office. If to  judge by the size of working space dedicated to  my career of a Polish translator develops by leaps and bounds. I have started at a small table in a tiny bedsit, then  upgraded to a desk in a shared office, afterwards I had separate room in our flats and now after months of conversion work I’l be moving to our cosy basement converted to a new office.

To an outsider it could be a hovel but to me it is 35 square meters of my private paradise.  I still need to figure out how am I going to furnish this space but whatever I do, it will be a dramatic change from working in a room next to my two noisy sons 🙂

This week the team of builders installed new plasterboards and I am really excited! There is a real possibility that next week I’ll be able to start painting the walls, moving my stuff and week later I’ll be translating in the new place 🙂

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